Use this multifunctional tool
to guarantee Continuous Testing

All in one flawless automated testing environment for web,
mobile web, Android and iOS apps. Intuitive use and comprehensive operation.
Now you can test with the speed of DevOps and the effectiveness of Agile.

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Why consider BrowserSpot for

Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery?


Thanks to the cloud-based technology,
you can easily carry out automated tests
using over 300 real devices!
No infrastructure to manage.

and cross-device

Perform GUI analysis on real devices available
in our Device Testing Lab.
Make use of over 300 different devices and even more browsers.

Intuitive solutions

Friendly interface with drag and drop technology
created for codeless automatic tests based on Selenium. Anyone can easily understand
the application and navigate through it smoothly.


Plan your tests for any time, and BrowserSpot
will launch and automatically run them
on hundreds of browsers and mobile devices
at the same time.

Multifunctional Platform

One tool that combines many possibilities. BrowserSpot offers non-script automatic
tests, visual and language tests
in one simple service.


Use BrowserSpot from any place
and at any time. All you need
is a device with access to the network.

BrowserSpot helps you improve your testing performance making it more effective.
Arrange easily complex sequences of automated tests and run them directly in the cloud on the devices you choose. A single platform, with no infrastructure to manage.

Do more with less effort

Codeless technology for creating automated tests using the intuitive drag and drop interface.
Run tests on all possible browsers and available devices in parallel.

Continuous Communication

Test, share, invite, solve

A single platform for testing and easy sharing results with other team members creates the ideal space for fast information exchange between programmers, testers, managers and other people involved in the project.
Faster problem solving ideally suited for Agile and DevOps environments.


Use the potential of Device Testing Lab

Gain access to over 300 real mobile and desktop devices through the cloud.
We do not use emulators or simulators, we monitor market novelties, and our devices are constantly updated, so you can use the most up-to-date environment.

Real Devices and Browsers

Check your possibilities using BrowserSpot and perform testing on various web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and many more, as well as on mobile systems like Android and iOS.

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