What can you learn:

  • How BrowserSpot works – a set of basic information about the tool, how to move around platform
  • Team management – building your work environment, inviting users, sharing the tests’ results
  • Reporting – maintaining the neatness of tests’ results through proper cataloging
  • Types of available tests – creation, performance, results
  • Coming soon – tests in preparation
  • Scheduler – tests’ scheduling possibilities
  • More information about BrowserSpot – possibilities of using, available packages, forms of payments etc.
Michał, the Automation Tester
There are many tools available on the market that both enable and improve automatic testing. This diversity can be overwhelming and it is not always clear which solutions will be the best for the project. You need to spend a lot of time and energy on reliable research. Consultation with an expert made me realize what I really need and which of my requirements can be met by BrowserSpot.
Anna, QA Specialist
Recently we have decided to change the working methods in our team to more agile. This allowed us to accelerate the whole process of creating applications and do more frequent releases. Unfortunately, there were also more and more errors, and complaints from our customers came almost avalanche. Our previously developed process of creating automated tests turned out to be not only ineffective, but also caused financial losses. We had to change our approach to automation. We decided to consult an expert in this field. Free consultation made us aware of the existence of solutions we did not know about before, and the implemented changes speeded up the creation of automated tests and improved their adaptation to new versions of the application.
Marcin, Full Stack Developer
We wanted to improve the process of testing web applications and websites in our company. Unfortunately, we are not a big team, so our financial capabilities are also very limited, however, we wanted to hire an automating testing specialist to make the testing process more efficient. We contacted the BrowserSpot Test Automation Expert to find out how to reconcile these contradictions. Together we have worked out a solution that is satisfactory for us and does not strain our budget.