What drives us?

We want to create comprehensive and modern solutions for testing front-end applications through web browsers and various devices.

We are convinced that technology should be used in such a way that it serves human beings first. This is why we create a tool that reduces the technological barrier and increases the level of automation of tests.

We provide a tool to test UI of web pages and web applications, which increases test coverage and reduces costs at the same time. We believe that this is achievable thanks to cloud computing technology, which supports the creation, running on a scale, analyzing and customizing tests in 100%. All in one tool with intuitive user interface and advanced management capabilities.

In the future, we want to expand further the level of automation through the use of technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and of using the collected test data to both analyze and deliver key information about the quality of our customers’ applications, as well as to continuously improve our tool.

What is BrowserSpot?

BrowserSpot is a tool offering the ability to create and run on a scale codeless automatic tests on various web browsers and devices. It allows you to perform functional, visual and performance tests, as well as manage workspaces of many projects, customers, and also your own team.

Who are the people, who make it?

Our team is certainly not bored at work! We are passionate about reliable code writing, well-chosen frameworks, professionally implemented algorithms, interesting arranged scrum meetings. We love long discussions about refactoring code and debating on database structures until the first rays of dawn. For us, work is not an obligation, it is a promise of another day full of interesting challenges and intriguing problems. At lunchtime gourmets of polish cuisine and Friday’s fish. Shopping enthusiasts in Targroch and Spotify fans. Although privately each of us is different, some of us do charity work, others travel, others brew beer (but they are not alcoholics!), plays volleyball and pet cats, all these characters create an amazing composite of the team full of passion and commitment.


It all began with the fact that Steve had more space in his garage… Kind of large space actually. The perfect location to work on our ideas. We wanted to create something fresh, something new, something that will electrify the world. It was not easy, to put it mildly. Access to the elements was limited, after all, it was the second half of the 70s in the U.S.

Wait a minute, we went a little overboard with this. This is not our story. Ours did not start in the garage nor in the U.S., we did not want to revolution the world, although in fact there is one Steve involved in it. Our story is simpler, not overgrown with great ideas. Ours is here, close to us and our needs.

We run the Clickray company. Create websites for clients from around the world, working closely with the HubSpot platform. In our job, the customer’s opinion and satisfaction are the most important determinants of the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire team.

Creating websites is a multi-stage process involving people with different skills. It starts with a client’s idea. Then it goes through our graphics and marketing specialists. Then it is passed to programmers who code the page according to previously strictly set guidelines and specifications. The final verification of the correctness of the created project are tests. And at this point, problems often arose. We analyzed our websites by ourselves as best we could. We lacked, however, knowledge and testing skills. Often there was not enough time, because other projects required our attention too. We tried our best to meet customer expectations and ensured high products quality. Despite this, there were some mishaps.

At some point, we realized that this was not the way. The method was not effective. Doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results is, according to some, the definition of madness. We had to find a solution that would relieve us as a team from testing while providing a high level of code analysis quality without the need for additional verification of the results.

And then the idea came up. The idea of creating a tool for testing automatically websites and applications without the need for programming skills.

We have started work on the designing of such a tool. What should it have? What should it do? How will it make testing easier for everyone who wants to analyze a website or web application? What should it look like? What should be its name? Dozens of questions arose during this process and many of them found answers. We wanted to design a tool that will enable automated testing of websites and web applications without the need to know programming languages. Something that everyone can use without complexes and complications.

Thanks to the European Regional Development Fund, we managed to get a subsidy for the project implementation. From that moment the work started in full swing. We will not bore you with detailed reporting of what was created first, what did not work, what was removed, where we miscalculated, where we underestimated. You see the final effect in front of you.

In your mice and keyboards, we provide a tool for codeless test automation of websites and web applications. BrowserSpot has not been created only for us and our convenience. Our needs (and lack of skills 😉 have become an inspiration to create something available for everyone. For all those, whom the quality of the product is important, for those who value good performance and reliability. We welcome you to space where testing has never been so easy.

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